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Online Opera Singer/Singing Teacher Voice Repairr Louise Macdonald

Golden Key Voices



Get Your Voice Back!


Are you a professional singer who has lost your voice and your dream of being on stage?


Are you unable to pursue the music career you are passionate about? 


Taking that first, brave step to vocal recovery will

only take a free 15 minute call to see if one of my programmes is right for you. 

Are you a choir leader or teacher struggling with your voice and feel you should know the answers but not sure how to reach out? 

A free 15 minue call for more information could be the first step in building your confidence!

Are you a beginner, who wishes to gain confidence to develop a new skill, especially over the winter months?Would you like to join a choir, sing at a special event but have no experience? It's never too late to make a start!



Taking that first step in a free 15 minute call could be the best thing you do this year to gain vocal confidence 



What would it mean to you to get your voice and confidence back and return to your passion and love of music?


What will your life be like this time next year when you can sing freely again?


What is the emotional cost of staying stuck when there is a solution?


Experience speaks! I have decades of performing as an opera singer and of giving people their voices back, even after complete loss. 

Click here to read my own story of voice loss and repair

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