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Singing Teacher Glasgow offers lessons in how to repair voice damage and sing with freedom. 



Mirella's Story of Voice Recovery

Louise is a professional vocal coach. I've had 6 lessons with her so far and I can hear that my voice has definitely improved already. I struggled with things such as control and pitch. I play gigs and most of them are even 3hrs of singing which was hard for my voice to last that long. Now I can do it much better.
Louise is amazing, totally recommend!


Patricia's Story of Voice Recovery

Louise is friendly and welcoming but very professional. She had been watching and listening carefully while I explained that I wished to try to recover my voice after a lengthy break from singing, and diagnosed exactly what is wrong and what she needs to do to help me. Without wasting any time Louise started me on properly structured vocal exercises, which I am doing every day at home, and I look forward to my next lesson with her. 


At your assessment lesson I’ll be able to see and hear what you need for your growth. Reasons for voice loss are variable, as you are unique.
Here’s my method:

  • Observe and correct your postural alignment

  • Hear whether your vocal cords are over or under-adducting (coming together).

  • Advise on how to correct air flow and cord closure

  • Identify which muscle groups are causing additional strain

  • Offer specific physical exercises connected with the breath, to release tension in the areas needed

  • Assess your current vocal range

  • Correct support for the breath, isolating various muscle groups

  • Offer gentle vocal exercises initially, making sure the air is flowing before the sound begins, in order to build strength

  • Connect speech with singing

  • Manage the passaggio (Bridge or Gear Change of the voice)

  • Expessing emotion; connecting technique with artistry

In addition to a recording of your assessment lesson, you'll receive: 

  • Two downloadable vocal exercises personally tailored to your needs, guiding you through the process, to make practice at home easy

  • A plan of action for your vocal development




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