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I began my singing career at Scottish Opera then specialised in concert and oratorio (sacred choral music), working extensively in Scotland and internationally. 

The experience of my own voice loss following thyroid surgery in 2006 has given me precious knowledge and skill to help you build your voice again with confidence, step by step, as I have done. 

For a long time I kept it quiet so that those in my profession wouldn’t know, in case I didn’t get work. Silence is too great a price to pay, so I now have the courage to live a more authentic expression of who I am, so that I can serve others in fully recovering, getting their voice and confidence back. 
If this is you, I’ve done all the hard work so that you don’t need to try out many approaches to singing again. I discovered a more mature, rich and satisfying sound and have been able to continue professional performing to this day. 

If I can do it, so can you! If you’re prepared to do the work over six months, the skills you will have gained won’t go away, as I’m teaching you to use your voice in a sustainable way. 

Read Mirella’s story of voice recovery below:


Let’s Work Together

Get in touch to arrange an assessment lesson, so I can guide you back to full vocal health. 

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