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Get Your Voice Back!

"Get Clear Call" - Free 15 minute phone call to ask me questions and chat through any vocal issues you are concerned about, songs you enjoy singing and what your goals are. We can speak about which programme would best suit your needs. Or you can dive right in and book an Assessment Lesson.

Assessment Lesson:
In this session I will assess your voice from bottom to top, and you will be completely clear on your current specific strengths and weaknesses vocally. Then I will craft a series of exercises personally tailored to you so that your voice has the right exercises to release tension, co-ordinate the bridges (breaks and gear changes) and develop your breathing. All the exercises are recorded for you along with any technical instruction on how to approach them so as to make practice easy at home. This can be given to you as a download. During that session I will also help you decide a way forward and look at suitable song choices.

6 week Boot Camp ‘Get Your Voice Back!’ Suitable after illness or if you're in need of vocal rehabilitation and confidence boost.

6 month Programme of Sustainable Voice Recovery after voice loss due to illness/throat surgery or vocal damage

12 week Programme - Improve Your Voice geared towards members of choirs, choir leaders and teachers who are struggling vocally and wish to improve. I'll be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses in your singing and make a plan for your vocal progress. We can also build confidence by overcoming audition/performance nerves and sight-reading/musicianship skills. 

Group Singing/Choir Workshop Bring me in to pack up your troubles! A light-hearted look at vocal technique for those who wish to seriously improve

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